Farnham Tri-Tec 14 Insecticide

Farnham Tri-Tec 14 Insecticide


Farnam® Tri-Tec 14™ Insecticide. Farnam® Tri-Tec 14™ Insecticide is a powerful insecticide that can be used to disinfect the horse's environment and kill annoying insects. Farnam® Tri-Tec 14™ Insecticide is effective against horseflies, stable flies, house flies, face flies, horn flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, deer ticks, gnats, lice and also the carriers of west nile disease, lyme tick disease, swamp fever and many more. Farnam® Tri-Tec 14™ Insecticide contains cypermethrin, pyrethins and strong polymers to ensure it stays in place and effective for up to 14 days.

Do not use directly on the horse or other animals.

Harmful to the environment.


  • Cypermethrin - 0.15%
  • Pyrethrins - 1.00%