Potent fly repellent in a gel formula Quick acting Gold Label fly repellent gel that contains the powerful ingredient DEET, effective against biting and sucking insects such as lice, mites, ticks and mosquitoes. Features Fast acting and long lasting Water based and ready to use Horse and rider compliant Suitable for use around wounds Easy to apply to those hard to reach areas Available in a 250g tub, a handy roll-on or a pack of wipes. We Say Another great collection of products from the Gold Label range, ideal for treating specific, tricky areas especially around the head and cuts or injuries. Suggested uses On the yard, everyday riding, competitions, riding out and turnout in the summer months. Composition Contains 9.7% w/w DEET and 40% w/w Isopropanol. Care Instructions Keep lid firmly closed to prevent the gel from drying up. 

Gold Label FlyGon Roll on 50ML