NAF Haylage Balancer 3.6kg

NAF Haylage Balancer 3.6kg


NAF Haylage Balancer is an advanced, totally natural, nutritional support formula developed to help restore the balance of your horse's haylage rich diet. Key active ingredients include: Antacids - which, together with a unique digestive clay, help to neutralise and absorb excess acids and slow the passage of food through the gut to help reduce loose droppings and gastric imbalance.

Live probiotic yeasts - to encourage efficient digestion, help eliminate irritable gut and maintain condition. Herbal complex - to help soothe and settle the gut Vitamins and minerals - to rebalance the nutritional shortfall of the high fibre diet ensuring good health and vitality.


Feed ponies 2 scoops per day;

horse 400-600g 3 scoops per day;

horses 600kg + 4 scoops per day