STUBBS Tread in Dressage Markers

STUBBS Tread in Dressage Markers


Stubbs Dressage 4 Markers R,S,V & P only 

The Stubbs Tread-In Metal Dressage Marker Letters RSVP come with a handy hoop frame which enables easy handling and treading into the ground. Frames made from durable Stubbyfine coated steel. Height above ground when inserted 56cm

.These are a solid metal heavy duty tread in marker not to be confused with a plastic /metal  ecomony version these are made to last , withstand the weather and have a profesional Look . 


these are great to turn a a small space into a new dressage training area  ie . empty flat paddock  as they are easily removed if needed at any time ...


8 LETTER set Also available separatly .