Tylers Magnetic Bands

Tylers Magnetic Bands

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Magnetic products for horses are a natural choice for horse owners. Whether you have a top competition horse or simply a 'happy hacker' magnetic horse bands are suitable for equines of all shapes and sizes. Equine magnotherapy or magnetic therapy is a drug free, non-invasive natural treatment which gives pain relief and aids and speeds up the healing process, by increasing blood flow to the areas of the horse that are treated with magnets. Magnets have been used in medicine for over 100,000 years so lots of research has gone into the value of using magnetic bands for recovery, rehabilitation and ageing of your equines.


Can be used 24/7 and including turn out 

(please see instruction leaflet enclosed with order for fitting correctly)
Available in 10” / 11” / 12”
£24.99 per pair and come in a matchy carry tote for ease of storage.

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